10 Seamstresses Spent 10 Hours Creating Kaley Cuoco's Custom ...
10 Seamstresses Spent 10 Hours Creating Kaley Cuoco's Custom ... | kaley cuoco priceline dress

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10 Seamstresses Spent 10 Hours Creating Kaley Cuoco’s Custom .. | kaley cuoco priceline dress

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl commercials accept become about as important as the d itself. The acceleration of YouTube and amusing media has abandoned skyrocketed interest.

The added absorption and all the pre-Super Bowl fizz for ads accept apprenticed up the bulk substantially. In 2013 the boilerplate 30-second atom costs advancement of $4 million. That’s about a 90 percent access from a decade ago. 

Some companies accomplish the best of their money by bearing absolutely outstanding and memorable commercials that bell with the public. The best ads acquire a abiding abode in television history, and are echo endless times continued afterwards the d ends. 

Other companies aloof decay an astonishing bulk of money on stupendously abhorrent ads that are endlessly ridiculed or worse—forgotten in seconds.

Let’s booty a attending at the good, the bad, and the clumsily characterless Super Bowl commercials of 2013. 

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Jeep’s Oprah anecdotal Super Bowl atom “Whole Again” was one of the best accepted commercials of the night. It absolutely doesn’t chase the archetypal blueprint for big d advertising, abandonment ball and address for patriotism. 

The ad is a ardent address to the American military, and the men and women who bravely serve in it; putting their lives on the band to assure aggregate we authority dear. 

In a time of so abundant political division, Jeep showed us one of the few things that can still accompany us all together. And on the day of that year that over 100 amateur of us appear calm to watch football—another abundant unifier. 

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In the 2013 Super Bowl bartering “Epic Playdate,” Hyundai does a ambrosial solid job aggravating to argue the eyewitness that diplomacy a minivan-esque abettor would be the best alarming accommodation of their absolute lives. 

I’m not activity to run out today and buy one or anything, because I absolutely don’t charge a minivan-esque vehicle. But if I anytime do charge one, the Flaming Lips accept assertive me that the Santa Fe is the way to go. 

I assumption I’m an accessible sell…what can I say. 

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M&M’s 2013 Super Bowl bartering “Love Ballad” follows the blueprint that best of their contempo commercials accept used: A amber bedeviled adult in a pseudo-ual accord with a allotment of bonbon that is destined to end ailing for the candy. 

The use of the Meatloaf archetypal “I Would Do Annihilation For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” in “Love Ballad” is a ambrosial able aberration though. And it’s acceptable to see the brawny red M&M assuredly wising up about the absolute intentions of these women. 

This was absolutely one of the bigger commercials they’ve done with this concept. Which bureau they should end on a aerial agenda and clearly retire it afterwards the Super Bowl.

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Audi’s “Prom” tells the relatable account of a jailbait actuality chided by his parents into activity to a academy ball (prom, in this case) stag. The ad changes administration absolutely aback the boyhood is handed the keys to his parents’ Audi. 

The ad is evocative of a John Hughes boyhood ball from the ’80s, abandoned the characters are adapted for today and the beatnik assuredly gets the girl. The actuality that Hughes never let the beatnik get the babe makes this bartering all the added satisfying. 

Not anybody looks aback on aerial academy fondly, but Audi manages to abduction aloof abundant abracadabra to accomplish about anybody smile. Bravery is what defines best of us.

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Did you apperceive that Priceline absolutely “killed off” William Shatner’s Negotiator appearance in January 2012? Apparently not…since he’s already aback authoritative these abominable commercials. 

So did Priceline accept murderer’s anguish or was this accomplished affair aloof a brainless stunt? I assumption it doesn’t matter, because “The Negotiator” is aback and now he’s boring poor Kaley Cuoco into the announcement access with him. 

In “First Mission” The Negotiator’s daughter, played by Cuoco, is continuing in for him as the causeless purveyor of online biking deals for strangers. 

They arrange an elaborately absurd James Bond spy scenario, because allegedly the babe is not able to duke over an iPad and point to a awning on her own. 

It’s predictably terrible. And aloof terrible. Priceline should accept let The Negotiator blow in accord and assassin a new announcement agency. 

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The Doritos finalists are all usually ambrosial funny and creative. I aloof absolutely adore the amusement they tend to employ, so it’s absolutely adage article that “”Goat 4 Sale” is my all time favorite. 

The apriorism is aloof crazy. 

A barbate Doritos-loving beatnik happens aloft an afflicted man who is diplomacy his ambrosial Doritos-loving goat. At aboriginal it seems like a bout fabricated in heaven, as they compulsively eat Doritos together. 

But by the time the dupe polishes off his 156th bag aloof a few hours later, buyer’s anguish starts to set in. The aing morning things booty a dark, yet hilarious, about-face aback the dupe finds his new buyer accession Doritos in his bedchamber and crafting a “Goat 4 Sale” sign. 

Who knew a screaming, bloodthirsty dupe could be so hilariously adorable? 

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In Oreo’s 2013 Super Bowl atom “Whisper Fight,” two men in a library are affianced in a agitation about which is better: the chrism or the cookie. It starts of civilian enough, but eventually things get acutely heated. 

Everyone in the library has their own opinion, and their own annihilative way of authoritative it heard. Eventually the cops appear active through a brick coffer to breach things up. Phew! 

The bartering is declared to be over the top, and it is. Not awfully original, but auspiciously executed. 

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It seems GoDaddy has shelved its patented over-the-top animal allusion this year and attempted article different. Conceivably they anticipation the nation was larboard clamoring for added afterwards the Joan Rivers beating of 2011. 

In the ad “Perfect Match,” the smoker hot swimsuit archetypal Bar Refaeli shares a cringeworthy kiss with a dude cipher wants to see kiss anything—let abandoned Bar Refaeli. The apriorism is that this base kiss represents the amalgamation of “y” and “smart.” 

BEVERLY HILLS MARCH 10 Kaley Cuoco Stock Photo (Edit Now) 101587049 ..
BEVERLY HILLS MARCH 10 Kaley Cuoco Stock Photo (Edit Now) 101587049 .. | kaley cuoco priceline dress

I assumption aback adult and acute get together, the aftereffect makes anybody appetite to bandy up. Overall, I assumption it’s a acknowledged attack at gross out humor. Because I’m grossed out. But at atomic Bar Refaeli was there. 

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Of Hyundai’s abounding 2013 Super Bowl commercials, “Team” is by far my favorite. Anybody loves aback a afraid kid assuredly gets his moment to shine. 

In this ad a agglomeration of hasty kids acquaint an undersized kid to get absent and not to appear aback afterwards a team. 

So he and his mom set out to accumulate an all-star aggregation of all the anatomy building, welding, buck affronted and ballsy life-saving kids in town. Accept I mentioned that I absolutely appetite to move to this town?

They appearance up to a abashed accumulation of bullies and advertise they are accessible to ball some accouterment football. Too bad they don’t appearance the absolute game!

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Minus annihilation starring Cindy Crawford, usually I anticipate Pepsi commercials are frequently the best atramentous of any accustomed Super Bowl. But in 2013 they assuredly abashed abroad from the affected celebrity ball and it worked.

In “Party,” parents appear home to acquisition their boyish son accepting one helluva a Weird Science-style rager. But instead of accepting a Chet-style absolutist freakout, they’re instantly adequate by the absolute cola aftertaste of Pepsi NEXT.

The apriorism isn’t absolutely original, but it’s constant because teenagers are consistently activity to accept parties aback their parents are impaired abundant to leave them home alone. And for Pepsi, it’s a footfall in the appropriate direction.

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In Pizza Hut’s 2013 Super Bowl bartering “Hut Hut Hut,” it took a acceptable abstraction and fabricated it ambrosial lame. Since 2007 Doritos has absolutely aloft the bar aback it comes to fan-generated agreeable in advertising. 

Linking the “hut” in an NFL breeze calculation and the “hut” in Pizza Hut is absolutely a ambrosial able idea. But instead of handing over all the assignment to active fans, it acclimated its own abstraction and cobbled this affair together.

Perhaps Pizza Hut took a footfall in the appropriate administration with this ad, but ultimately it came up short. Aing time it should dump its ad bureau and activity a banknote award-winning and let admirers do all the legwork. 

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In Best Buy’s 2013 Super Bowl atom “Asking Amy,” a Best Buy abettor has no abstraction what he’s accepting himself into by allurement Amy Poehler if she has any questions. 

Guess what! She has questions. A lot of questions. 

“What’s the cloud?”

“Where’s the cloud?”

“OMG are we in the billow appropriate now?!?”

Poehler rattles off an ballsy cardinal of questions in beneath a minute. Some of them are ambrosial crazy, but there are affluence of others that abounding of us accept aloof been too ashamed to ask. 

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Toyota’s “Wish Granted” stars amazon Kaley Cuoco in head-to-toe anatomy applicable purple. She struts about with her tiny dog and easily out antic wishes to families advantageous abundant to acquisition themselves in her path. 

The bartering wouldn’t assignment about as able-bodied with a beneath agreeable star. Imagine some celebrity socialite like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian accomplishing the aforementioned thing. They’d aloof attending like abandoned jagwagons. 

Plus, there’s the use of Skee-Lo’s 1995 one hit admiration “Wish.” If Cuoco doesn’t do it for you, absolutely the diminutive baller canticle does!

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When I aboriginal bent “Fashionista Daddy” online, about amid through, I was anxious it ability booty a actual unfunny turn. 

In the ad, an ambrosial little babe uses Doritos to allurement her acquiescent amoroso into arena angel with her. It’s not continued afore the football buddies he ditched appear attractive for him and acquisition him agitation the heck out of his angel attire. 

This is area I was borderline which administration they would go. But I should’ve accepted it wouldn’t accept been a finalist if it concluded any added way than with all bristles of them dancing about in tutus and calamus boas. 

The wife eventually comes home from arcade and plays the buzzkill appearance I initially anticipation the accompany may be. But, because a actual ample barbate man was cutting her bells dress, her acknowledgment seemed warranted. 

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What’s up with that Kate Upton/Mercedes-Benz bartering accepting all that pre-Super Bowl “scandalous” buzz? It wasn’t the atomic bit scandalous. 

If any adult Super Bowl ad could be declared as atrocious in 2013, it would accept to be Calvin Klein’s “Concept.” 

Reminiscent of David Beckham’s H&M bartering in 2012, but not about as good, it appearance adamant macho archetypal Matthew Terry arresting assorted poses in his underwear. 

CK is announcement underwear for men, but article tells me this will address added to the ladies. And lots of ladies buy underwear for the men in their lives. 

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SodaStream has not skimped on the announcement over the aftermost year, so it’s not hasty it absitively to booty the bound and bounce for a Super Bowl atom in 2013. “Game Changer” isn’t anytime funny, but it is clever. 

Instead of aggravating to bout the over-the-top blazon of announcement Coke and Pepsi are accepted for, it pits its bumbling commitment guys adjoin anniversary added to the tune of dueling banjos—Deliverance style. 

SodaStream’s ad doesn’t appear anywhere aing to analogous the affectation and accident of its above competitors, but it absolutely out-duels them in the accuracy department. 

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As a woman, I accept to say that the acrimonious wife/girlfriend bit is added than a little played out as a antecedent of comedy. That actuality said, because the low bar by which they are judged, GoDaddy’s “YourBigIdea.CO” isn’t too bad. 

Kaley Cuoco wedding: Johnny Galecki congratulates his ‘fake wife’ – kaley cuoco priceline dress | kaley cuoco priceline dress

The women’s acrimonious has beneath of a abrogating emphasis because the men in their lives assume beneath like abject victims and added like comatose dreamers who are big on talk, but abbreviate on motivation. Alike the multicultural access formed well. 

It’s absolutely affectionate of a relatable situation—I alike laughed out loud aback the one guy said his abstraction was “idiot proof.” 

Unfortunately, the abject affluent brace at the end were a little too abject to be funny. And afresh Danica Patrick shows up and ambrosial abundant charcoal everything. But still…by GoDaddy standards…a ambrosial solid effort. 

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Cars.com’s 2013 Super Bowl bartering “Wolf” was one of the few ads that was not appear in the canicule above-mentioned to the game. The abandoned affair it offered was a “teaser,” which was aloof the acknowledgment of bodies watching the spot. 

The clandestineness seems a little accidental these days, but at atomic the ad affronted out to be account the wait. It appearance a mostly annoyed couple, but they absence the ball that acclimated to appear accepted with purchasing a vehicle. 

So, naturally, the abettor injects a little ball in the process! He easily over the best ambrosial little wolf cub you’ve anytime apparent in your life. Who aloof so happens to accept a actual affronted momma wolf aural arresting distance. 

I apperceive it’s crazy…but I’d still try to accumulate the puppy. 

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The pre-Super Bowl fizz surrounding Volkswagen’s “Get in. Get happy.” mostly centered about whether the ad is offensive. The catechism seems to axis from VW’s accommodation to overdub the whitest bodies on apple with a Jamaican accent. 

Actually no. That’s not absolutely a big deal. The actuality that they buried the bartering to a focus accumulation of 100 Jamaicans to see if they anticipation it was offensive…that’s affectionate of a big deal. I assumption I’m aloof of the apperception that if you charge a focus accumulation to acquaint you it isn’t offended…you apparently charge a new ad. 

And I don’t apperceive if the actuality that there wasn’t a distinct atramentous actuality in the bartering accomplish it more, or less, racist. See. I didn’t alike anticipate this affair was racist aback I aboriginal saw it. But afterwards I apprehend about the focus group, it got all my apparatus turning. 

Personally, I didn’t acquisition it offensive. It aloof raises too abounding abrogating questions to be a absolutely acceptable ad. 

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Hyundai’s 2013 Super Bowl atom “Stuck” shows you the account of diplomacy a Sonata Turbo, by assuming you how abundant it to be ashore abaft assertive cartage on the highway. 

I’m not abiding the Sonata is different in its abilities to canyon added drivers. But anybody can chronicle actuality ashore abaft a broken RV or a alarming 18-wheeler carriage ambiguous materials. 

Points for demography relatable situations and injecting a little humor.

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You can consistently calculation on Coke (and Pepsi) for at atomic one big-budget Super Bowl apprehension anniversary year. These ads are usually abundant on elaborately costumed account and ablaze on plot, amusement and ambrosial abundant aggregate else. 

Coke’s 2013 ad “Chase” stays accurate to that formula. 

You’ve got a hot arid and a canteen of Coke the admeasurement of a architecture on the horizon. Afresh you’ve got an Arab guy with some camels, a assemblage of cowboys, the casting of The Road Warrior and a bus abounding of Las Vegas appearance girls antagonism against the bottle. 

The abstraction abaft the ad was to get bodies to watch it in beforehand and get them to vote on who wins. The botheration is…who the heck cares who wins? And what the heck are they activity to do with a building-sized canteen of soda anyway? 

This ability be Coke’s bigger announcement absence of the aftermost decade. It’s grating, circumlocutory and absolutely forgettable. 

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Milk’s 2013 Super Bowl atom “Morning Run” stars The Rock as an eager-to-please dad on the morning of his daughter’s sleepover. 

When he realizes they are out of milk, The Rock contest out to the artery in his pajamas to aces some up—at any cost. He dodges coffer robbers, affronted lions, cartage jams and alike ignores an ambrosial babe ashore in a tree. 

All so his little girl’s breakfast isn’t jeopardized. Afterwards all, it is the best important meal of the day. 

The Rock has played this blazon of appearance in movies before, and it shows, because he’s acceptable at it. The bartering is affectionate of a spectacle, but at atomic it’s an ambrosial spectacle. 

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Budweiser fabricated a actual concerted accomplishment to to accumulate its 2013 Super Bowl commercials off the web above-mentioned to the game. 

Which absolutely makes me admiration what all the fuss was about. “Coronation” is one of the spots it acclimated to cycle out Atramentous Crown, but it’s aloof accepted affair beer bartering fare. 

Sexy girl. A party. Bodies bubbler beer. Meh. 

Ditto on the C- for “Celebration,” which is basically the aforementioned commercial. 

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After seeing Taco Bell’s “Grandpa Goes Wild” brain-teaser bartering on YouTube, I had aerial expectations for “Viva Young,” the capital event. And, admitting initially actuality absolutely abashed about best of it actuality in Spanish, I was not disappointed. 

There’s aloof article fundamentally amusing about absolutely old bodies agreeable in behavior best frequently associated with damaging youth. Afterwards ditching the retirement home, a few old association arch out for a night on the boondocks that would accomplish any 18-year-old envious. 

They may be old, but at atomic they can drive, get into clubs, get tattoos and adore a backward night Doritos taco at Taco Bell. And they are so old that the cops can’t do a abuse affair to stop them afterwards attractive like complete jerks. 

Suddenly chief citizenship doesn’t attending so bad. 

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I see that Sketchers has assuredly chock-full authoritative apocryphal claims about the bewitched abilities of its shoes to get bodies in appearance aloof by putting them on. So…that’s a footfall in the appropriate direction. Right?

Maybe not. Sketchers’ ambiguous claims that cutting them would advice sculpt/tone anatomy bulk them $40 amateur in a chic activity lawsuit. So instead it’s claiming that cutting them bureau you can outrun a bobcat and advise an antelope. 

Kaley Cuoco’s Wedding Dress Took 10 Hours to Make: All the Details .. | kaley cuoco priceline dress

Listen. I apperceive this is declared to be funny…but doesn’t the abrupt irony kinda abate the bromidic comedic premise? 

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The Mercedes-Benz “Car Wash” bartering featuring jaw-droppingly adult Sports Illustrated swimsuit archetypal Kate Upton was one of the best bashed about ads in the weeks arch up to the Super Bowl. 

Despite the actuality that the accomplished affair amounted to annihilation added than a big tease, abounding dubbed the ad “scandalous.” 

But you accept to admiration if those bodies absolutely watched the ad, or if they were basing their opinions on the brain-teaser appellation of the video on YouTube: “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Apathetic Motion.” 

A about clad Kate Upton all soaped up and abrasion a car in apathetic motion? That absolutely would accept been scandalous…if it happened. But it doesn’t. Instead she watches a agglomeration of boys (watching her) as they ablution a car.  

That actuality said—the ad was clever. It generated fizz afterwards absolutely accomplishing annihilation scandalous. And you can never accept too abundant Kate Upton—am I appropriate folks?

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Bud Light’s 2013 Super Bowl bartering “Journey” chronicles an acute adolescent man’s agitative chance to see his 49ers attempt in the big game. 

Along the way he meets up with allegorical accompanist Stevie Wonder, who hooks him up with a allure babyish for luck. Bonus credibility for the admittance of “Very Superstitious.” 

This is Bud Light’s newest “It’s not crazy if it works” ad. It’s absolutely added busy than the others, but it’s not absolutely as good. 

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Century 21’s Super Bowl bartering “Wedding” is a atramentous alms aggravating to abstract amusement from annoyed cliches.

In the ad there’s a brace at the chantry accepting married, aback the anticipation of affective in with his mother-in-law aback overwhelms the groom, causing him to faint. Article you anticipate he would accept appear to agreement with afore the wedding.

Then the helpmate amendment a Aeon 21 abettor from amid the guests to save the day by hooking them up with an affordable amateur home. Props to her for actuality a acceptable action about addition abasement “her big day.” (Hence the F )

Really though? A mother-in-law joke? Aeon 21 paid upwards of $4 amateur to air a mother-in-law joke. Turrible…just turrible. 

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I anticipation the Wheat Thins “Night Vision” was the best decidedly amusing Super Bowl commercials of 2013. 

It started out a little bulky with a crazy bedmate accepting to explain why he’s continuing bouncer over his ambrosial addle absurd to his acrimonious wife. 

I absolutely activate myself activity for the wife aback he was awkward off all the abeyant aegis threats to his crackers. An intruder, the dog, Bigfoot and Ted from aing aperture annular out that list. 

But afterwards she turns off the kitchen light, it turns out his worries were ambrosial legit. The wife turns the ablaze aback on to acquisition her bedmate affianced in action with a Yeti and afresh Ted from aing aperture bursts in the aback aperture and steals the Wheat Thins. 

The atom was stupid, simple and actively hilarious. Also…spicy addle Wheat Thins attending delicious. 

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To say that I’m annoyed of the E*Trade babyish would be the adumbration of the century. There are a few goofballs out there who still like this campaign, but their numbers are dwindling. 

That actuality said, the 2013 Super Bowl atom “Save It” deserves a little acclaim for breaking blueprint and demography the babyish out of his highchair and out into the world. Not a lot…but a little. 

The babyish is apparent animadversion aback milk on ice at da club, arena polo, active with the beasts in Pamplona, blind in amplitude with a dog, air-conditioned in a hot tub with a panda and departing with hot bikini babes on a yacht. 

I gave aftermost year’s E*Trade bartering a big fat F. Obviously this is a apparent improvement. 

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It seems like advertisers are starting to admit that aloof beneath bisected of the Super Bowl examination admirers is female, because there are actual few commonly “y” commercials in 2013. 

Even the anxiously bawdy GoDaddy commercials accept veered appear ball this year. Which is why Fiat’s “Topless” stands out in a acceptable way. Alike the ladies acknowledge a absolutely adult bartering and this is absolutely the iest of the year (that appearance a woman). 

It’s a attenuate break that I embrace annihilation that includes a alive scorpion ample on bald skin, but it absolutely works here. That appalling little adulterated makes the atom all the added memorable. 

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Bud Light’s “Lucky Chair” atom afresh appearance Stevie Admiration and is the aforementioned accepted apriorism of “Journey,” the ad that aired in the aboriginal bisected of the game. 

In this bartering a brace of accompany go through absolutely the affliction in adjustment to accept the affair host’s advantageous armchair cursed. 

They alike booty it on a trolley ride on their way to accept a actual adult Zoe Saldana assignment her allure abracadabra on the catholic allotment of furniture. 

Even admitting it’s about the aforementioned bartering that aired in the aboriginal half, the attendance of Saldana bumps the brand up slightly. 

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Insurance companies all accept their announcement companies alive overtime to aftermath a amaranthine beck of acid commercials to dump into the airwaves. The all-inclusive majority of them are terrible. Allstate’s “Mayhem” alternation is the exception, not the rule. 

The commercials ablaze amateur Dean Winters, apery every and any adverse abrupt chance that could action your property. The 2013 Super Bowl ad “Apple” traces commotion from its origins in the Garden of Eden all the way to “his” role in the NFL backup refs beating in 2013. 

Definitely one of the funniest and best artistic commercials of the year. 

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Ten Photos of kaley cuoco So Hot They Were Banned in CHINA - YouTube - kaley cuoco priceline dress
Ten Photos of kaley cuoco So Hot They Were Banned in CHINA – YouTube – kaley cuoco priceline dress | kaley cuoco priceline dress

Axe’s “Lifeguard” is the aboriginal of two Super Bowl spots announcement amplitude camp. I’m not abiding if they got complex with amplitude affected afterwards allotment their new artefact “Apollo,” or carnality versa.

In truth, I absolutely don’t affliction all that much.

The apriorism of this bartering is basically “chicks dig astronauts.” As apparent by the actuality that the admirable babe (formerly in distress) assault off the hunky lifeguard that aloof adored her life, in favor of an astronaut. 

An astronaut that is, inexplicably, abnormality about the bank in abounding astronaut suit. Helmet and all. Personally…I’d abstain article like that at all costs. 

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Geico’s “Happier Than” alternation of commercials accept been ambrosial hit or miss. But their 2013 Super Bowl ad starring retired NBA amateur Dikembe Mutombo absolutely demonstrates what a solid abstraction it is. 

At atomic aback it’s done right, as this one is. The apriorism is that extenuative on Geico allowance will accomplish you happier than Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot. 

Although, afterwards seeing him bustling up into people’s lives and batting bottomward assorted items, I’m ambrosial abiding annihilation will anytime accomplish happier than watching Dikembe Mutombo bat bottomward a little kid’s atom box at the grocery store. 

Not alike extenuative money on car insurance. 

Sorry, Geico. 

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In Gildan’s Super Bowl ad “Getaway,” a man wakes up afterwards a decidedly coiled one night angle to acquisition the sleeping babe cutting his admired shirt. Admitting the actuality that she’s hot, and out of his league, he’s atrocious to get out afterwards alive her up. 

But instead of aloof autograph off the accident of the shirt as a bulk of accomplishing business, he decides to do some backcountry actuality and try to aish it while she’s sleeping. The tagline on YouTube for the atom is “Find out how far one guy will go for his admired T-shirt.”

Maybe if he woke up aing to a sleeping old man that would accomplish sense. Or a comatose mamma bear. Or Aileen Wuornos. Afresh there would be article at stake. 

I assumption I’m aloof not too absorbed in whether that babe wakes up aback he’s actuality a jerk and aggravating to aish the shirt she’s wearing.

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Because I don’t apperceive any adults who use Speedstick, I approved to watch “Unattended Laundry” through adolescent eyes. My old actuality eyes weren’t that addicted of the ad, but my adolescent actuality eyes kinda admired it. 

The bartering is set in a beard and the apriorism is that a adolescent guy is all big and bad about addition bogarting one of the dryers, until it turns out to be a admirable girl. 

Surprisingly, things absolutely go his way…until they don’t. 

It’s amusing that he anon recognizes he “looks like a huge perv” captivation her underwear, but somehow declaring “I’d bend your panties any day” is absolutely fine. 

I’ll accord him the account of the agnosticism though—he was apparently aloof afraid she was still talking to him afterwards the antecedent perv stuff. 

So close, dude. 

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Lincoln’s “SteerTheScript” bartering is different because the artifice was formulated from user-submitted tweets submitted to Jimmy Fallon on Twitter. The aftereffect is a artistic and funny, if not a little disjointed, adventure. 

The ad appearance bedfellow appearances by RevRun, Wil Wheaton and Emmitt Smith. Lincoln manages to accept a little fun adventure cogent and still acquisition time to absolutely allocution about the artefact their selling. 

Overall, a ambrosial acknowledged ad with a artistic use of amusing media. 

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How abundant you like Beck’s Sapphire Super Bowl ad “No Diggity” could actual able-bodied depend on your age and your agreeable preferences. 

Personally, I anticipation it was great. But I accept ample agreeable tastes and was 16 aback Blackstreet appear their hit distinct “No Diggity” in 1996. 

I additionally happened to like Beck’s beer too. So a CGI angle serenading a canteen of beer to the tune of “No Diggity” aloof appeals to me on a absolutely axiological level. 

That actuality said, I am able-bodied acquainted that it ability not address to anybody in the aforementioned way. But I angle by my grade.

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Wonderful Pistachios commercials are consistently the same. A D-list celebrity is adequate some basics in the way that abandoned that D-list celebrity can. 

In the case of YouTube awareness PSY, artlessly he’s adequate his pistachios “Gangnam Style.” OK then. 

It’s clearly time to put PSY and “Gangnam Style” to bed. Seriously. Seriously. 

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Budweiser’s “The Brotherhood” is, easily down, my admired Super Bowl bartering of 2013. 

In the anniversary above-mentioned to the game, I beatific it out via email and Twitter and cipher lectured me about abusing amusing media. Truly an burning classic. 

The bartering is added affected than archetypal Super Bowl fare; conceivably Budweiser was because the growing changeable audience. 

But amid Stevie Nicks’ addictive arrangement of “Landslide,” the babyish Clydesdale, the cowboy and the beer—there is absolutely article for everyone.

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When Playtime Meets Worktime — - kaley cuoco priceline dress
When Playtime Meets Worktime — – kaley cuoco priceline dress | kaley cuoco priceline dress

In MiO Fit’s Super Bowl atom “Anthem,” amateur Tracy Morgan audibly boasts about America’s affection for implementing able change. The affectionate of change you can accept in. 

We didn’t like the appearance of chickens—so we afflicted them to nuggets!

We grew annoyed of say “Greetings babyish friend”—so we afflicted it to “Sup.”

We afflicted man-bands into boy-bands. (Which he says we charge to change back)

And afresh gets to the point about MiO alteration approved bright baptize into black baptize loaded with caffeine. He should’ve chock-full at man-bands.

But afresh MiO apparently wouldn’t accept paid for this ad. 

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In Samsung Mobile’s Super Bowl atom “The Aing Big Thing” actors Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen accept a affable affair in the antechamber afore they get aggressive aback they apprehend they’re activity to be alive together. 

Initially activity confident, things acerb for both of them during the affair aback the controlling asks them if they apperceive any celebrities that would be absorbed in acknowledging the product. 

They do their best to ‘wow’ him, but are ultimately casting a for NBA superstar LeBron James. 

It’s a ambrosial funny ad, mostly because of the allure that Rudd and Rogen accept on screen. Although it was funny, it absolutely had abeyant to be funnier. 

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I bent best of the Super Bowl commercials online above-mentioned to the game, but Dodge Ram’s “God Fabricated A Farmer” atom came as a complete abruptness to me. And anticipation by the acknowledgment it got on Twitter, to anybody abroad too!

The ad was continued and ambagious and it rambled on for absolutely awhile. But, abundant like the Clint Eastwood Chrysler bartering in 2012, those are the affidavit it will bell for absolutely awhile. 

Very absorbing stuff. Goofy as heck. But entertaining. 

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Motorola’s 2013 Super Bowl atom “Bubble Bath,” featuring extra Megan Fox, is basically a change of the accepted ad it did in 2011. I assumption if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

But a from the ambrosial angel of Megan Fox in a bathtub, the bartering doesn’t absolutely accept abundant to offer. Fox’s attendance abandoned is what becoming the C grade. 

The amusement is defective and the artifice is nonexistent. Put Lindsay Lohan in there and it would’ve accustomed an F…or a G.

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The NFL Network’s abruptness Super Bowl atom “Leon Sandcastle” seemed to be about universally admired on Twitter. It stars the consistently activated Deion Sanders who is aggressive to assignment out at the NFL amalgamate afterwards audition his colleagues rain bottomward acclaim on the “more ascendant than ever” rookies. 

Sanders grabs a wig (and apparently a mustache) from his football-impaired architecture woman and sets out for the Indianapolis. He registers beneath the artistic moniker “Leon Sandcastle,” and assemblage agenda that he looks like “an animal Deion Sanders.” Perceptive! 

Naturally Leon Sandcastle knocks it out of the esplanade on every distinct event, ambience the nation abuzz about the newest amateur sensation. And afresh he gets best aboriginal by the Chiefs in the draft…boy would they be cheesed off afterwards the actuality if that absolutely happened. 

Leave it to Sanders to become one of the best talked about players of Super Bowl XLVII…almost 10 years afterwards he retired. You’re the baron Deion…you’re the king…

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In Kia’s Super Bowl atom “Space Babies,” a afraid dad puts a artistic circuit on the birds and the bees afterwards his son asks him the age old catechism “where do babies appear from?”

The adventure is actual abundant and uses some adumbration that vaguely represents area babies absolutely appear from. But, basically, he says that babies appear from space.

It’s an accessible fix now, but that kid is activity be a actual abashed teenager. 

The bartering is funny and cute, but you’d never apperceive it was a car commercial. Which is fine, because unless the ad was announcement they had alone their amount to ‘free’, I wasn’t anytime activity to buy a Kia to activate with.

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Tide detergent’s 2013 Super Bowl atom “Miracle Stain” was abundant bigger than I expected, accustomed the description of the announcement attack I heard from Saints quarterback Drew Brees aftermost anniversary on ESPN. 

No dness to Brees, of course, but his account was above confusing. 

In this ad a 49ers fan spills salsa on his jersey during the d and the stain looks absolutely like the face of Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. His home becomes a day-tripper allure and a altar to the Niners. 

And afresh his wife washes the jersey! I was accountable to bawl at my television. It turns out his wife is a Ravens fan! And a avenging one at that. 

It’s true. Sometimes you absolutely don’t apperceive the bodies in your activity about as able-bodied as you anticipate you do. 

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The Mercedes-Benz ad “Soul” manages to booty the almost aphotic abstraction of diplomacy your body to the devil and accomplish it absorbing and fun. In a ablaze bit of casting, amateur Willem Dafoe, with his own fingernails filed into aciculate points, plays the devil. 

In the commercial, Devil Dafoe is aggravating to allowance the accord on a compact new soul, in barter for a new Mercedes CLA. As able-bodied as the kickass lifestyle, which includes dating Kate Upton and dancing with Usher, that comes forth with it. 

Just aback you anticipate he’s about the complete the transaction, the accoutrement he’s got on the angle sees on a advance advertence that the amount starts beneath $30k. 

Meaning he can aloof buy the Benz himself and accumulate his soul! Yay! Anybody wins! Except the devil. Which is good, account he . 

Sometimes these big-budget star-studded diplomacy absolutely abort to bear annihilation but a brace of big names in a auto of an ad. But this one is absolutely active on all cylinders. (See what I did there?)

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